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Shree Hanuman Sugar
Shree Hanuman Sugar

Our Vision


This vision statement is based on the existing human resources that Shree Hanuman Sugar & Industries Ltd. does have in the form of sugarcane growers and suppliers.


Till date sugarcane has been the springhead of all visualizations and derivations ranging from gur to power to ethanol to pharmaceutical related intermediaries. As a result, the concept of a sugar-complex emerged where sugar in itself becomes a bye-product. Now the time has come to take one step further back and target sugarcane growers instead of sugarcane and find new vistas of opportunities unfolding. This vision statement is an attempt to capture some of those obvious opportunities.


These opportunities at the apex level are basically on the cluster of derived activities at the ground level. Some of them are:


  • Froze Fruits and Vegetables
  • Multifruit Juice Concentrates & Bulk Aseptic packaging
  • Maize starch-modified starch, Glucose
  • Automated Bottling Plant (Glass + Plastic)


At the sugar mill level the addition will be:


  • Increasing the capacity of sugar mill to 4000 TCD and subsequently increasing upto 10000 TCD in phases.
  • Setting up 20/25 MW Co-generation Plant
  • Setting up of Ethanol making plant.


Shree Hanuman Sugar & Industries Ltd., located in the district for over five decades, calls upon itself to do its own bit in the advancement of people as well as product-centred industrial units in the district that will bring about value addition in both.

At the constructions division:


The Company proposes to construct about 250000 sq. ft area per annum thus adding to the profitability of the company and thus the infrastructure shall also develop. At present the company has constructed few projects in the suburbs of Kolkata and is about to start off construction activities in Kolkata and proposes to develop properties in other state also.